Saturday, November 8, 2008

What a great birthday present

Tonight was the Coldplay concert.
What an amazing concert.
What an amazing birthday gift.
The visual stuff and the music! Ah! Just breath taking.
Every girl knows that a guy that can sing, play guitar, piano, and has an accent. Wow!
I saw them back in March '06 and they were just as great tonight as then.

It was bittersweet however.
I was so excited since I absolutely love them but yet at the same time, I know this night wasn't the night Roger envisioned when he bought the tickets.
Roger should be there with me.
This was part of our plans.

As I was getting ready, I put on some makeup tonight and made myself just a little pretty.
I tried to think of what this night would have looked like had life not taken 180 degree turn.
We would have probably had a quick dinner.
Probably cereal.
Then I would have told Roger, "I'm going to get pretty"
"But you are already pretty"
"Blah , prettier. I gotta make everyone jealous of you and your wife."
Then I would make myself cute.
Cute jeans, cute shoes, and a cute but comfy shirt.

As the first song was played, tears rolled down my face.
I love this band.
I love my husband.
He was a wonderful husband.
What a perfect gift.
I could feel him there with me.
I'm not sure he would have enjoyed it as much as me.
Of course, I'm not sure if most people enjoy it as much as me.
My throat is a little sore from all the screaming and cheering.
But he would have smiled watching me as I turned into a sixteen year old girl.

"I was scared, I was scared
Tired and under prepared
But I wait for it
And if you go, if you go
Leave me down here on my own
And I'll wait for you, yeah
Yeah, how long must you wait for it? Yeah, how long must you pay for it? Yeah, how long must you wait for it?"

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