Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Such a relief...

Many of you have known I was not happy at my job for quite a while.
And using the "not happy" is one of the most polite ways of putting it.
I've severely hated it for about a year now but I saw no way out.
I felt trapped.
I would sit at my desk and cry at times.
It was not what I wanted out of my career.
I would call Roger with my stress level at the max.
Getting up some mornings to drive the 75 minutes was excrudiating for what I was getting out of the job.

Earlier this year, I jokingly asked Roger if I could just quit.
"Sure. Why not? We will just foreclose on our house, evict the renters, fire the cleaning lady, fire the landscape guy, never go out, never go on vacation, or anything else fun."
"Yes dear."

If it weren't for my friends at work, I would have been completely miserable.
I'm thankful I met them.
I miss them now and I know I'll miss them in the future.
I'm thankful for the contacts.

But today, I am pleased to announce that I will be officially unemployed November 21st.
I will be a SAHM [Stay-at-home-mom] to my kitties until January.
In January, I will start school full time.
This has been another dream of mine to just go full time instead of this work full time/school part time thing I have been doing.

I am nervous, excited, relieved, and everything in one.
This is the silver lining.
This is what I have to say is the good of my "situation."


Amanda said...

Congrats on your decision! I'm sure you will be missed around here. Good luck with school. Maybe we will see you around the neighborhood.

Vanessa :) said...
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Vanessa :) said...

I'm really proud of you Star for making a decision to follow your dreams. Like Judy said "Stick It To The Man". lol.

robyn said...

oh star, that is such an awesome decision!! awesome for you, girl!!! congrats :)

Layne said...

I know just how you feel because on November 1st I also resigned from a job that is making me miserable. I can't even explain the relief! And the weight that has lifted off of me! The only buzz-kill is that I have to give 3 months notice (per my contract). Oh well! I'm so outta there on Jan. 30th!