Monday, March 30, 2009

Bang Bang

As I have previously mentioned, Roger and I shared the same hair person.
Okay okay, yes she is a actually a hair stylist.
Yes, Roger had a hair stylist.
But he was very comfortable with this decision and had no qualms about it.  
And neither did I until someone questioned it later.  
But who does not like a nice good hair cut.
He still did not pay as much as me even when his hair was longer.
Damn him.

At the end of July, I decided to change my hair.
And instead of going to our hair stylist, I did it myself.
Which I knew I should not have but I did it anyway.
I cut bangs.
On myself.
Which is a pretty dangerous thing to do on my own but...
And I knew it was slightly a mistake.

Roger being Roger actually tattled on me.  
He went to get his hair cut for his birthday in August 7th and told her.
He told her I messed up my hair.
And yes the bangs did not turn out great but I was looking for something new.
Roger told me he told her and then he told me that she wanted me to come in to fix it.  
Yeah right.  I know the games we would play with our hair stylist.
I am sure it was his idea but he said it was her idea.
God knows I would probably would have not listened to him otherwise.  

The night before the accident (ugh, there is that time measurement again), I had our hair stylist fix my bangs.
I have kept them since the accident.
I am pretty happy with them most of the time.
Some people say they make me look younger.  

And then...
A few days ago, I realized another reason Roger told on me.
He hates bangs.
He does not like girls who have bangs.
He told me this when we first started dating.
So maybe this is why he told our hair stylist I had messed up my hair.
Maybe to him just having bangs was messing up my hair.
Silly boy.

Well dear, sorry.
I am keeping them for now.  
I like them.
You will just have to deal. 

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