Thursday, March 19, 2009

"What is that light?"

As I mentioned previously, I was not left alone the first two weeks or so when Roger first passed away.
And for the first week, I did not sleep alone.
Between Holly and Cecilia, someone was with me.
It was nice.
It felt less alone.

However, the first night, Holly had one question- "What the hell is that light?"
I had to laugh and giggle.
The first night I ever stayed with Roger, I asked the same question.

Roger was a little geeky.  
Roger had this thing that reacts to sound.
It sits on a bookshelf in the bedroom.
It plugs in and it is a clear plastic ball on top of a base.
It lights up.
It reacts to the TV.
It reacts to human voice.
It will light up most of the room.

It will also react to human touch with small little arches toward the fingers.
It is pretty cool.
I have used it at night when walking into a pitch black bedroom.

And now, it is still plugged in.
Still sitting on that bookshelf.
I still smile as it lights up along with the TV.
As I sing a little song to get back to bed.
Or as a good friend and I giggle in my bed.

I can't imagine unplugging it.
I do not want the light to go out.
I do not want the light to go out in my room or the spark to go away.
Please do not go away.  

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