Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thank you!

I feel good again today.
Two whole days in a row.

Very small accomplishments again today but I must, as should everyone, celebrate the good things.
Like a 98 on a midterm.
Like playing with my camera.
Like getting the sign thing for Roger.  

But I want to give a public thank you to four people.
Four mental health professionals.
Because without their professional help and advice, I would not be where I am.
Not that my absolutely amazing unfailing support system is not as important. 
Because without them I would not be where I am either but...

First, Grace.
Roger's wonderful sister.
And now my wonderful sister.
We may have different parents but we are connected for life.  I was very lucky to get her as a sister-in-law and now sister.  
Minutes after the doctors told her of Roger's prognosis that fateful Wednesday morning after I heard twelve hours before, she looked at me and said "You have to get professional help to get through this."
As I sobbed, I promised I would.
Grace is a professional in this arena and she knew what it could do for me.
She continually puts my mental health first and prods me with her professional opinion.  
Thank you, Grace!  
I thank Roger everyday for bringing you into my life.

Second, Teri.
Teri helped me get into the UCF Psychology Clinic very quickly where I pay little to nothing for my weekly sessions.  
Teri has listened to me as a friend and as a someone who knows what she is talking about.
I feel like because of knowing Teri, I get VIP treatment.  And I continually tell myself that even though I am sure they are great about treating everyone very well.  
I am so glad we met in the most unusual circumstance and I thank you for being you.

Third, Erica.
Again, another friend who works in the mental health arena.  
Erica and I had not known each other very well before the accident but she has been an amazing friend.
She also prods me.  She also makes sure I am doing the things my counselor suggests.
She understands my bad days.
She listens to me.
She analyzes my behavior and can understand me when sometimes I do not understand myself.

Fourth, my counselor Danielle.
I do not think she reads this and I did tell her today in session but I know Teri can tell her.  
She is amazing.
She constantly reminds me that I am unique, I am normal for me, and helps me in all aspects of my life.
Roger would love her for getting me to do the meditation techniques he tried to teach me for three years.  
She gives me a container to say whatever I need to say, to feel however I am feeling, and is just very kind to me.  

And Danielle told me today I need to also look inward.  
So I am thankful that I am me.  
I am thankful that I can do this.  
No matter how much I do not want to.
No matter how much it hurts.
I can do this.


ross1994 said...

YES! You can do this and we are rooting for you!

Faith said...

You are such a beautiful soul Star. Thank you for sharing your good days and bad and I'm so happy to hear about these good days! Love you!

robyn said...

SO good to read this! :)

Teri said...

Star, your blog really means a lot! I am so thankful that you are having some good days lately - you really deserve them. You must feel so relieved/thankful/refreshed to be on the upside of okay - it's like a preview of how things will be as the healing process continues. And I, too, am very glad that Danielle has been so helpful for you. But don't forget to give yourself credit for all your hard work, too! :)