Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Upside of "Okay"

Today I was talking to my good friend Liz aka Mamie and she asked how my day was going.
My reply "okay."
It almost comes out automatically because I just can not say "good" yet.  
But then I realized, no wait.  Today, I am on the more positive side of okay.  Closer to "good" than normal.  
Hence I am on the upside of "okay" versus the normal side of "okay" or the downside of "okay."

And why am I on the upside of "okay"?  
First, it is March.
No longer February.
That in itself is a reason to celebrate.  

And then, March is a cool month because my friend, Andrea, of 18 years (whoa, that is a long time) is coming to see me in three weeks.
I will get to meet her kids and just spend some quality time with her.
I have not seen her since December of 2006.
I almost cannot sleep because I just cannot wait.

Third, my toilet is fixed.
Sounds like a small thing but this is the toilet in my master bedroom.  
Which when broken is majorly inconvenient.  
And I have had so many issues with this toilet in the last nine months.  
The most recently was my friend Holly and I broke the flush handle.  
I actually think it was more me than her.  
So today my friend Rusty came over after I was having issues with the instructions.  
I emailed him to ask what an left-handed nut was.  He asked the guys in his office. 
They had quite a few lewd answers except I guess what I meant to say was a nut that does not follow the rule of righty-tighty, lefty-loosey.  
It was fixed in about five minutes which made me feel like a maiden in undue distress.  

Fourth, I found a new OB/gyn. 
Again, not exactly let's-go-yell-from-the-rooftop news but a small feat in this crazy life of mine.
She actually talked to me before I stripped down.
And she wanted to know what else was going on in my life.
She did ask "Are you sexually active?"
Without thinking, I laughed out loud and answered, "Not unless you count last August."

Fifth, I got a 96 on my biology test.
I feel silly for being so excited but this professor is nuts.  
His tests are so much than regular memorization and recall.
He makes you do much more application type stuff on his tests.
I am currently ranked number 2 in his class.  Go me!

Then, there is the court thing.
I will not go into too many details since this is a public blog but I got my new subpoena for our second chance at justice.  
Here's to hoping it works out this time better than last time.

And the most exciting thing, I got my new camera.
This is my gift from Roger for my anniversary.
"Thanks dear, it is a fabulous gift!"
I do not plan on doing anything crazy, just as a hobby.
My annual calendars are going to be amazing this year.  

Now maybe in my "normal" life I would not be jumping up for joy but geez, I have to celebrate everything.
So I am.
Today I am feeling almost better than okay.  
(Notice, a slight shade of grey there. Another good thing that I can actually see grey.)

Slight day of relief again...     


Kitty Bear said...

Good to hear that you're getting to "good" :) And congrats on the bio test! I hear UCF science profs can be pretty crazy...

Marlyn Wilkin said...

Glad to hear that you had a day that was a little better than okay! Congrats on the bio test! That's great that the teacher requires more than just memorization. It means it will be easier to apply.

Supa Dupa Fresh said...

You know, I think I remember that one day when I was a little better than "okay" too. Your details are perfect.