Sunday, March 15, 2009

Matthew Roger and Ethan Roger

Today was the baby shower in Miami for Roger and my cousins, Eddy & Vivianna.
This pregnancy was conceived shortly after Roger's death in September.
Eddy was the best man at our wedding.

Pretty much every time I am in Miami, I see Eddy and his family.
They live almost next door to his mom and sister.
And Eddy's wife, Vivianna and I have very similar family relations.
I love them.

They are also the most fertile people I know.
Pretty much the entire three years I have known them, they have been pregnant.
They will have four children under three.

In October, we learned Vivianna was not just pregnant, but pregnant with twins.
And then shortly after, we learned they were both boys.
Then over Christmas, they announced Roger would be the middle name of the boys.
Matthew Roger and Ethan Roger.

I was more than touched.
I know it really has nothing to do with me. So maybe I am touched on behalf of Roger.
But in one more way, in addition to the organ donation, Roger will go on.
He will fulfill his prophecy of living 200 years.

I already feel an attachment to these unborn children.
They are not even born and I want to hold them.
I want to share with them all about who Roger was.
What a great person they were named after.
How amazing he was and why he was the most fabulous husband ever.

As my gift to them, I gave them a savings bond.
I printed the explanation for them to read later.
As the guy at the bank said, a little pay it forward.

I can't wait to see these little boys.
And I can't wait to see them grow up.


Kitty Bear said...

That's so sweet!

Joanne said...

That's great, Star.

I'm glad you now have your first teaching assignment. :o)