Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Cheers, Star"

I used to sign all my emails, notes, and cards as "Cheers, Star"
It started years ago.
Way before I went to Australia or England.
I cannot actually remember when it started.
It just kind of became part of me.
My signature of sorts.  

I liked it because it was friendly.
It was sweet.
And it was different than most people.

But after Roger died.
I could not use it.
It seemed too happy.
It seemed like I was happy.
It seemed like I was being fake.

So I just would not use it.
I refused.
I would sign things as just me.
Maybe with a hyphen.
Maybe not even at all.  

However, it has returned.
I find myself wishing people well.
I find myself "cheering" them again.
And I mean it.  

It is nice to have my signature back.
It feels good to have that part of me return.
It is such a simple thing but yet I like it.  
And I know it is all about the small steps moving forward.
Baby steps at a time.  

So cheers!


Supa Dupa Fresh said...

Yeah! You are you, babe.



Joanne said...

I noticed that, too and I always liked that about your emails. :)