Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Award aka "Why-the-hell-was-I-there?" Thing

I did not tell many people that I was getting an award today for the blog.  
I was not quite sure what it was for.  
And it was just from my school.  

A few months ago, one of my professors asked our class if anyone did any community service related events or activities.
No one responded.
So being the person I am, I said "Well, I do this blog that has about 150 readers a day.  It helps me but I think and have been told it helps other people including other widows."
She told me to send her some more information and the link to the blog.
So I did.

Last week I got an invitation for an awards ceremony.
It did not say much more than that.
Something about student activities award.
I called the RSVP number and asked why I was being invited.
"Oh, you were nominated by an instructor...."
Oh, okay.  It was sort of making sense.

I was slightly excited.
I was thinking "Wow, my first award for the blog."  
I got dressed up this morning.
I did my hair.
I was prepared to be late to my afternoon class.

I rushed over to school.
Found one of the few cherished spots left after early birds had arrived.
Went into the designated room.

This should have been my first sign of things to come - no organization whatsoever.
"Do I need to check in?"
No one answered me.
I spotted a lady with a clipboard.
Not at the front of the room or anything.
I checked in.
I sat down near the front of the room.

I knew no one.  
But they all knew each other somehow.
Okay. No big deal.  
I rarely feel too awkward in those situations.

Opening remarks.
Seemed more normal.
I started to relax.

Then a one man band started.
Neat touch.
He started passing out things.
Things he wants us to wear.
Top hats for the guys.
White and black feather boas for the girls.
He passed out plastic noise makers for us.

He wanted us to sing along and shake our noise makers.
I did.
I tried to go with the flow.
Then he formed a conga line.
Yes, a conga line.
At an awards ceremony.
What the hell is going on!
I participated.
Strange but okay.

We were seated back and the awards started.
This group was called.
That group was called.
Then the other.
The other.
The other.
And a picture slideshow.
Okay... Where did I fit in again?

More of the crazy one man band guy.
This time we were asked to judge dance partners that volunteered from the audience.
They won some weird stuffed penguins.
What the hell...

More awards for everyone else.
Awards for the staff.
Awards for some lady who was leaving. 
Presents for the lady who was leaving.

"Okay.  Now let's go to the reception in building three."
Wait! What the hell?!?

As the mass exited, I went over to an authoritative looking person.
I asked, "Look my name is in this program and I got this invitation last week.  My name was not called and I am not really sure why I am here."
"Oh, you must have been nominated by an instructor."
"Yes, I believe that is the case but my name was still not called and the others seemed more club related.  My instructor nominated me because I write a blog for young widows..."
"Oh, I am sorry for your loss.  If you would like to start a club, we would really love to have you.  George, can she have one of the awards?"
Still confused, I took my prize.

First, I have several issues with this whole experience.
More than several.
I actually hope and pray that I am the only one on campus that belongs to this "club."
I can not image there is a lot of people like me on such a small campus.
No one wants to be in my club.
No one signs up for this one.
"Join now! It is the young widows club. What a fun club! Must have had your spouse die and be in school."

Second, even if my instructor nominated me, why was my name not called?
I sat there waiting.
And waiting.
While some really annoying girl hooted for each and every name called.
Right into my ear.  
I missed part of my favorite class for this.

Third, why were we wearing feather boas?  
And top hats?

Well, there it is.  An award winning blog... What kind of award? Still not sure.  
At least in a few weeks this story will be funny.  
For now it is annoying.


robyn said...! lol...the way you wrote this and described it made me smile....what a weird experience!! well, no matter...your blog is amazing to read!!

Lorelle said...

I am pretty damn impressed that you stayed... I think after the boas and top hats I would have left...

This whole thing sounds like one f*ed up dream! Ha ha!

Sarah said...

It may take you a few weeks before it is funny to you but it already made me laugh. It sounds surreal - like a dream gone bad.

Sean said...

sounds like some sort of weird dream, that is one weird group, they just can't just do good things without a song and dance about it.