Thursday, April 23, 2009

Living Alone Continued

When I first met Roger, he was so messy.
I was a bit disgusted at first.
What a bachelor.
I asked/strongly suggested we have a cleaning lady when I moved in since I was not his mother and would not be cleaning up after him.

But before that time...

He left tons of things on his coffee table.
Empty glasses.
It was annoying.

His clean clothes were piled on the bed in the guest room.
A huge pile.  A huge ever growing pile.  
He would just dump them on the bed after emptying the dryer.
And then instead of getting dressed in his room, he got dressed in the guest bedroom.

In his kitchen, a collection of dishes were always piling up.
The dishes in the dishwasher were clean but instead of putting them away, he would just get new dishes from there.

In his family room, a pile of various shoes.
Dress shoes.
And also socks.
Lots and lots of socks.

The other day I was looking around at my house.
And this is what I saw...

Coffee table was littered with school books.
And CDs.
A cable for my camera.
Notes on receipts.
Articles for school.
Two glasses from the previous day.

In the kitchen, the dishwasher was half empty but the sink was full of dishes.
I had pulled things out of the dishwasher instead of putting them away.
And loading the dishwasher?
Yeah... still needed to happen.

Near the sofa, a huge growing collection of shoes.
Two pairs of flip flops (I love Florida weather).
My wedding shoes which I still wear.
Another pair of dress shoes.
And of course, a pair of sneakers.
No socks for me though.

In my bedroom, clean clothes gathered at the bench at the end of the bed.
Others were still on the drying rack waiting to be put away.  

Oh my...
How disgusting of me.
How gross.

What a bachelorette.
I hope this is only temporary.


Supa Dupa Fresh said...

I have heard that sometimes people grieve by emulating the person who passed. For example, after my father died my mother went to a lot of science fiction movies, something she didn't even LIKE about him.

What did I do after Gavin dided? I worried about having a disease with no symptoms that would kill me. Maybe I tried to cook and shop for food sort of the way he did... Everything was changing anyway... it was hard to tell but I know it was in there.



J-in-Wales said...

Ha! I could have written this post. My R could devastate a room within 5 minutes of walking into it. I thought the house would stay tidy without him leaving his normal trail of destruction in his wake. How wrong I was.
But I'm not sure it has anything to do with me trying to emulate him. Just that I am not quite as neat in my habits as I thought I was, but my own untidiness went unnoticed when the human tornado was there to distract the attention!