Thursday, April 30, 2009

Holly's Pajamas

At the accident scene, one of the first people I called was my friend, Holly.
I knew she would come and be with me.
I was terribly scared.
Beyond the word scared.    
I needed her.

And she did.
It was about 5:45 am or so when I called.
She and her husband, Scott, just grabbed the clothes they could find.
They came as quickly as they could to the hospital.  
We would laugh later that Scott and Holly matched each other.
We would laugh at how Scott almost passed out watching doctors dig in my arm.
We tried to find distraction in everything going on around us.
Trying not to think about what was really going on.
Not thinking about how my life was about to fall apart.  

Holly and Scott brought me home that night.
Sans car, sans husband.
Scott went back to their house to get some clothes.
But Holly stayed with me.

During the accident, all the windows in the car broke.
The windshield, the back windows, and every window in between.  
I was covered in glass.  Small shards of glass.
It was in my ears, in my mouth, down my back, in my hair, just absolutely everywhere.  

I needed to shower to try to get the glass off of me.
However, I could not get my arm wet due to my injury.
With one arm in a trash bag, I could not seem to wash my own hair to enough to get out the glass. 
I called for Holly.
She came to help me.
I lost my modesty instantly.  I no longer cared about being naked in front of someone.
My dear friend was basically in the shower with me (no, this is not some porn scene).  
She was being the best friend.

Afterwards she was soaked.
Scott was not back yet.  
So she asked for some pajamas to wear.  
I gave her a pair of some of my comfiest pajamas.  

She wore them pretty much every night she stayed with me.  
And even recently when she was here.
They are her designated pajamas.
So now when I wear them and I still do occasionally, I think of her.
And I smile.
I think of what a wonderful friend I have.
I think of how they are Holly's pajamas.

I am so honored to have you, Holly.
I am so glad we met and our friendship continues to grow.
I am so glad that you came to my rescue.  
And you continue to come to my rescue.  
I owe you so much.
I love you.

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