Thursday, April 2, 2009

He finally got 'em

I did not really feel like going today.
I RSVP-ed yes so I felt like I had to go.  
Plus they gave me a personal escort around campus so...
I went to the eternal knight ceremony at Roger's university this afternoon.

And now of course, I am glad I did.
It was a really nice ceremony.
And I was not the worst one crying.  

When I first walked in though, I was almost knocked down.
"Ava Maria" which is one of my favorite songs was being played.
I sang it in high school.
Had it played at our wedding as the mothers walked in.
Had it played at Roger's funeral.
And here it is again.
Deep deep breaths.

The school provided an escort for each family to help me find everything.
Which was great.
She sat with me.
Talked with me about every day stuff.
Kept me distracted.
And I found myself thinking "Wow, under other circumstances I would like to be friends with this girl."
She was around my age and we just clicked.

The ceremony officially opened with bagpipes.
I wanted to laugh very inappropriately.
I kept it to a smile.
Roger wanted bagpipes at our wedding.
I had to explain to him that it might be weird to do all these Cuban traditions and add another culture on top of that when neither of us is really Scottish.  
But today, he finally got his damn bagpipes.

It was a nice ceremony.
They read each name, rang a big fancy bell, and announced each person an eternal knight.
Roger is a knight forever.
He would love that.
It reminds me of a painting in the formal living room.
There is a knight standing next to a damsel on a horse.
My knight in shining armor.  
With his damn bagpipes.  


Kitty Bear said...

I saw a sign for the Eternal Knights ceremony on campus this week. Glad to hear Roger got his bagpipes :)

Supa Dupa Fresh said...

This is great. Gavin got an honor about 7 months after he died, too. I had to make a short speech. No handler though... that would've been nice.
P.S. PROMISE will write about dating stuff soon once I get some things done around here... oh the piles of paper!