Friday, April 24, 2009

God, I Just Need to Spoon

Today is the 23rd... 
Or at least it was a few minutes ago.  
The stupid wedding anniversary.
My stupid wedding anniversary.  

I hate the 23rd.
It is painful.
It sucks.
It drains me.
Even when I do not realize it.
Like today.

I remember the days were I counted down to the 23rd.  
I could not wait for it to be here.
I even had a countdown.  
Now I dread it.
Every month.
Each. And. Every. Month.

Today was fine.
Not a huge deal.
Until I realized I am/was cranky.
Until I realized I am/was weepy.
Until I realized I felt flustered.

And all I want.
All I really really want is to be held.
To feel the warmth of a man surrounding me.  
Wrapped around me.  
The comfort.

The feeling is so strong.
The urge is so consuming. 

I just want to cry in someone's arms.  
Nice strong warm arms.  

I feel so alone today.  
In a midst of friends, I feel alone.  

1 comment:

Supa Dupa Fresh said...

When I had those urges, nothing would do but a good long fork.